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Lustre finish has loose glitter particles infused throughout. I'm not very fond of this texture in general because they are dry, sheer, and produce lots of glitter fallout. It's a little tricky to get them to stay on the lid so they are best applied over a cream base. Once they are on, they leave such an intense sparkly effect on the lids! Satin appears mostly matte with very subtle sheen. They usually have good color payoff, go on smoothly and blend beautifully on the lids. Matte has a 1-dimensional texture without any shimmer or glitter particles.

They are mostly base or crease color to add definition to the eyes.

I really like most of the mattes that I have except Carbon. They are buttery smooth, incredibly soft, and effortless to apply and blend. They don't feel powdery or patchy in any way. The color payoff is also excellent. I have only one color in this category so I'm going to base my review on this particular shade that I have which is Kid.

It has a creamy, smooth matte finish that applies and blends beautifully. The texture is very soft and does not produce fallout or excess powder at all. This is my favorite finish! Veluxe Pearl has excellent texture and color payoff. The application is soft, smooth, and most shades leave a gorgeous, multi-dimensional semi-metallic finish.

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  • Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x 15 (Insert).

Everything else is permanent and you can buy them in refill pans. Even though I own a multitude of eyeshadow palettes, I still like the idea of customizing my own palettes filled with only the colors that I like and see myself wearing. MAC eyeshadow refill pans are affordable but not inexpensive so I would advise you start customizing with a few colors at a time.

That's what I did and still do anyway. It took me years to have come this far but to me, it is more fun to pick out a few colors here and there and slowly build my palette than buying all at once because it makes me appreciate each color more. Well, I hope my review was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions at all! Please also feel free to suggest your favorite colors so that I can take a look and possibly add them to my palettes!

We share the same love for many shades. Gorgeous Gold, Expensive Pink, and Mulch are part of my favorites too. I am writing an article on my favorite M. Of course, I will give you all the credit on it. OMG such a huge collection u have I have bookmarked this page I dont even own one single mac shadow so me gone start buildng obv this post comes very handy ;. Every eye makeup wearer should at least customize one MAC palette!

My MAC Eyeshadow Collection Plus Swatches and Brief Formula Review

Such a pretty collection!! Looking up swatches as we speak!

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Thanks for your suggestion, Brenda! You are on your second palette now then?

A highly pigmented powder that fits into Pro Palette case for easy transport.

I have a 2 double pro palettes, one for my blushes, and one for my eyeshadows! I also have a single palette, in which i store my depotted mineralize blushes, i put a small magnet under them. Looks really good! But after seeing your swatches, i ts time for some new eyeshadows..

I really want to invest in one of those duo palettes! Would be super convenient for travel! I have a few of those and it would be really nice to keep them all together in one place! Thanks for the info!

  1. An insert designed to take 15 Eye Shadows or Concealers of your choice..
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  6. My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Review & Swatches.
  7. I heard my wallet sigh in relief: Yeah I remember your post about customizing your first MAC quad. Holy smokes, you could open a MAC museum with that collection! I use mylar as a highlighter, it's not quite white but more of a cream shade that's pretty natural. A true white would be handy though. The only colours I don't tend to use in my mac palette are goldmine and bronze, but I'm sure these will come in handy with some looks in the future: That would be my pallette wish list with your needs and colouring in mind.

    I haven't got any purples in there, but purples are very subjective - you'll know which ones you want when you see them and swatch them. All Cosmetics Wholesale now stock empty palettes and some refills, I'd start there! The Sensibio H20 wipes are makeup wipes that have the Bioderma micellar water on them to help make removing makeup easy.

    Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan)

    My skin can be so temperamental and even though I would classify my skin as being oily and acne prone it can get dry and very sensitive at times especially with some of the prescription creams that. It's interesting how we discover products - I learn a lot from here on BH, friends and also some of the…. That is a breakthrough, if this does come into fruition. Has any other beauty on BH heard about this…. As we get older our eyes tell it the most. There are so many treatments for under eyes and fine lines…. With the advent of technology, things took a drastic change, as people started using the online sites….

    Hello buddy, Good day to all. And also sorry for my off topic here. I need your help with one of my…. Skip to main content. Request new password. Ina J 13 Mar Ina im about to got to bed but im a huge mac lover as most beauties on her know ill let you know the top 15 i think some times tomorrow Also are you willing to buy from www. If you would like more on that i can fill you in: Stacci 13 Mar Maybe also trax, star violet, antiqued, amberlights, Plum Dressing is another colour I recently just got, it's a purple and it's lovely.

    Roxymisha 13 Mar I only have a couple of MAC shadows so here are my suggestions. Have fun with your research. Jannz 14 Mar Frannybee 14 Mar 1: StayC 14 Mar 1: Damn now I want to place an order. MML you use parcel it on don't you? I need to look into that. Madamebfatale 14 Mar 1:

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