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But let's say you don't have one and don't want to invest in one. You just want the unwanted, left-over process gone.

Moving on. You may suspect, as I did in the example below, that the installation procedure installed and scheduled a recurring support process—or perhaps a daemon.

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A daemon is a process that runs in the background and has no user interface. Its name typically ends with the letter 'd' but not always. For example, a developer may need to have some kind of support daemon always running in the background even when the app itself is not running. Let's say that you're sure that a process you see in Activity Monitor has to go.

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Killing it from Activity Monitor will work temporarily, but the next time you reboot, it may start up again. That's if the installation has added it to the list of processes that will be started by OS X's process manager called launchd.

How to Stop Programs from Running on Startup on Mac

If you're curious, here's more on launchd. The more free space you have, the easier it is for OS X to tweak your disk performance. Get rid of them — move them somewhere else. When your computer first turns on some applications are automatically loaded — drivers and little add-ons. This is a list of all the applications that are set to open when you first boot OS-X.

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There may be some that you do not need anymore. Do a google search to find out what they do first. I had 12 and I paired it down to these 6 which I wanted to keep. This article will help you work out if you have enough memory.

How to Fix macOS Catalina Issues—Tips by Experts

Any extra app will use system resources. Every time you switch on or restart your MacBook or iMac some programs start running automatically after the operating system loads. So if you want to change your Mac login items, this article is for you.

How to end/ quit a process on a Mac

One more way is using the Dock panel. With the application, you can even remove login items. But please, if you have decided to remove a login file, first make sure, that you will not need it anymore.

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  6. App Cleaner is a tool to remove service files, uninstall apps completely and manage extensions. It is easy with the app to enable and disable automatical running of any program at Mac startup.

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