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This screenshot can be the best one for capturing an entire open window of a specific application. Press Command-Shift-4 at the same time first. Then hit on the space bar button. The cursor will become a small camera. Move it to the screen that you want to capture, and then tap the space bar again. The entire window of your application has been captured and saved on the Mac. To capture screenshot, run Grab, and then choose the capture modes from the Capture menu. Selection: You can capture a specific region of the screen by dragging around it Window: You can capture an open window of a specific application which you clicked with your mouse on the computer.

Default Save Location

Screen: You can capture the whole screen of your Mac, including everything visible on the screen. Timed Screen: This allows you to open menus and sub-menus, if necessary. After ten seconds the entire screen will be captured. Sue Wen. Save the screenshots on my Mac but deleted them by accident and can't find it any more? Use Recoverit Data Recovery to help yourself recover photos on Mac. Download Mac Download Win.

Recover deleted files on Mac. Recover SD card files on Mac. Get files from external drive. Fix Your Mac Fix grey screen at startup. Ethernet issues occur Fixed. Mac won't shut down. Boot it. Solve flashing question mark. Fix slow WiFi after upgrade. Delete APFS partition. How to format APFS drive. What can be cleaned on Mac. The article says pretty clearly how to print screen in a single command on the Mac, with OS X this is the following:.

How to Print Screen to a File on the Desktop in Mac OS X

See how simple? Aesthetics yes. Usability no. It should look and sound good on our machine.

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I love the OS but too many Mac users are like religious zealots. Press a key and a printout appears. Thanks for posting this. It is amazing the limited knowledge of certain people. Pressing 4 buttons is still one step. The 2nd step would be cropping the area to print. The 3rd step would be pasting that snapshot into whatever program you wanted it. How many steps would that take in Windows?

Alt — Print or just Print 2.

Windows key 2. Make screen selection 4. Click save and choose format and location. I have been using Jing and I have not been able to print the areas that I have been wanting with Jing.

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This method is a lot easier and quick. You can use a program called spark to map the 3 and 4 key combinations to a single key on your keyboard. Here is the link to the spark and a screen print of the software. Not necessary? No key is necessary with your logic. Every digit and letter of the alphabet can be removed. Just make a keyboard with 2 keys. Press once for A, twice for B, three times for C, 26 times for Z…..

This statement is redundant. Yes, definitely simpler and more elegant…just like the first post claims above. Everything is the same, everything works. By the way, that combination takes a screen shot of the entire screen, not just the current window. Yeh, wow… complicated shortcuts where you mash half a dozen buttons down is Sooooooo much less complicated than a pesky, desktop-space-consuming Print Screen button. Some people think the design of their keyboard is more important than ease of use. My setup is different. Given this setup, how do I do a screen shot? Just figured it out.

I just want to add my two cents.

How To Take Screenshot of Mac OS X Lock Screen

I love the screen shot process on my mac. When I grab a screen shot, the file is waiting for me on my desktop, where I can always find it, and work on it from there. I can just double click it, and crop it in Preview! If I want to do anything fancy to it, I can drag it into iPhoto or another app.

If I want to upload it to tumblr I can just choose it by file name! For me, this is way easier than having it copied to the clipboard, especially as I like to take numerous screen shots in sequence. I can get a bunch of screen shots and have all of them lined up neatly on the desktop to work on at my leisure. I love it! In less than a minute, I created an automator application that prompts the user to select a window for a capture.

It then saves the selected window image to the clipboard. Let me know if you want a walk-through on how to do this. Yes, you have to press a few more keys, but, on the payoff side, you have a few more options, so, fair enough; satisfactory. Print screen on the PC is one button but print screen on the Mac is like playing Twister. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the Save-to Location from Desktop to another Folder?

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Thank you MrLetter for the Preferences Tip!!! I want to send a screen shot through skype. I was able to hear the shot taking sound, but when I went to Skype an press copy I was unable to. How do I find the screen shot taken and use it to send it off as copy, paste? I have tried all of the combinations appropriately, with different windows open. None of the combinations save anything to anywhere I can find, paste, or retrieve. You now have a print screen key again. No more finger twister.

How to Print Screen on a Mac

And I find this whole exercise ridonculous. Anything that requires more effort than the previous process is not more efficient, or smarter. You remove a key for the keyboard and turn it into a three finger key stroke, then save the file to the desktop???? So now something that was so easy to do is several non essential steps. But MacBook Air fails by dedicating a limited resource button to an irrelevant function. BUT even that fails because who shuts down a Mac?

Capturing Screenshots on Mac OSX Mountain Lion

For crying out loud just closing the lid on a MacBook and having it just work is the reason to have one in the first place! As far as having superior technology, well….

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  • Apple hardware is based on Intel, PC hardware is based on Intel. Lets call that a tie. The vast majority of end users are far more concerned with how the OS interface works rather than what makes it works. After you capture the screen on the PC depending on the keyboard that is not possible without the combination of at least two keys , how do you use the file?