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The main reason for not upgrading is likely Adobe's move from allowing users to purchase a stand-alone app, or a suite of apps, with a one off payment, to the subscription model that it introduced with Creative Cloud back in Even some apps that are bit can be affected by shared components.

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For example, your app's installer, registration identifier, or launcher might not be bit. The good news is that Adobe is working on updating and utilising these associated components on "current, and future, macOS releases", as per this webpage. Adobe published a blog listing all the known issues with its products in Mojave and it's likely to do the same for Catalina once that OS launches. You can read that here. If you are still running older versions of the Adobe apps - perhaps you never upgraded from CS to CC - then you can update to the latest version of the Adobe suite here.

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As we said above, we encountered issues with Photoshop CS5 as soon as we installed Mojave. This is despite the fact that Photoshop CS5 is a bit app it was the first Adobe app to go bit. Luckily we were able to find a way to get it working again that we outline here: How to open apps that won't work in Mojave - including Photoshop , but it is likely that old version of Photoshop won't work in Catalina. That's not the only version of Photoshop that had issues in Mojave though.

There were compatibility issues with Photoshop and earlier versions. Adobe recommended that customers update to Photoshop CC The company also warned that older versions of Photoshop that pre-date Creative Cloud hadn't been tested for Mojave compatibility so it's unlikely that they will be tested for Catalina compatibility. Illustrator CS5 is bit so it definitely won't work in Catalina. The CS6 version of Illustrator in added bit support, so if you are using a Illustrator CS6 or newer, you should be ok.

However, as with Photoshop, even newer versions of Illustrator had problems in Mojave and there may be issues in Catalina too. InDesign CS5 still lucking on our Mac from the days of print is another bit app that is set to stop working in Catalina. Even the current version of InDesign wasn't without issue in Mojave: it suffered from Dark Mode issues and cursor-related bugs. Acrobat Pro 9. Even Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC had known compatibility issues in High Sierra "due to some bit components that Adobe is working to address in the future", the company says on a webpage regarding the issues.

These newer versions of Acrobat had problems with printing and creating and converting PDFs in Mojave. Lightroom has been bit since Lightroom 2 arrived in so it's likely that your version of the software will work in Catalina. However, even in Mojave there was a known issue with Lightroom crashing when switching to Dark Mode while the application was running.

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Hopefully there won't be a reoccurrence of this in Catalina. Premiere Pro moved to bit back in That was Premiere Pro CS4, so chances are you are using a newer version than that.

However, there were some Mojave-related compatibility issues with newer versions of Premiere Pro and other Adobe video apps, including issues accessing the microphone and camera and problems with the eye dropper not functioning correctly. There were also problems with Dark Mode that will hopefully have been ironed out in time for Catalina.

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After Effects has been bit since the CS5 version that arrived in This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. The Print Shop is a popular and powerful desktop publishing software for Macs by developers Broderbund. It allows you to create professional-looking cards, calendars, DVD cases and more. It also includes Photo Workshop, a powerful yet simple to use built-in editor to fix and enhance your photos, and a large collection of photos, graphics and creative fonts.

The Print Shop is also integrated with iLife meaning you can import track names and times from iTunes to create album covers, playlists and track listings. Alternatively, you can import your family photos from iPhoto to create greeting cards, add address labels with Address Book and create poster-size calendars with fixtures imported from iCal.

Whatever you're making The Print Shop is packed with templates that do the hard work for you including nostalgia, sport and family themes. Version 2 has been upgraded to include many more templates and clipart images plus greater integration with iLife.

The Print Shop has suffered quite a few incompatibility problems with the latest versions of Windows but Mac users generally haven't been as badly affected. However, The Print Shop is no Photoshop or Quark - it is however more user friendly and more tailored to domestic needs. The Print Shop is a relatively user friendly desktop publishing software for Macs. When you try to download, it takes you to the app store where its So i'm guessing this doesn't exist anymore.

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Motif is a free download from the Mac App Store. Mimeo offers the same services as Motif with about the same prices. Mpix offers similar printing services as Motif and Mimeo, but includes printing on more unique materials like metal, wood, and more. On the web, you can log in to access your Google Photos albums , or import images manually. A traditional meets techy approach is making use of your local pharmacy like Walgreens. With the Walgreens iOS app or website , you can create projects and order them for same-day pick up at your nearest location.

You can also print right from your iPhone as well as direct from your Instagram or Facebook account. It also runs special promotions through its iOS app. However, going through the web and iOS are easy enough and are likely to net customers the best prices.