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Resetting Energy Saver Preferences

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Delete Preference Files in Mac OSX

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Sign in to your account. When I created Default directory manually, the app was able to save the config file.

I am not sure if it should have been created during installation or when writing the file, but I think this can be easily fixed. The reason is that the Default folder is a shipped package and ST3 exposes its packages virtually to the user packages Packages folder, which is the path you created. The file that gets opened this way is read-only to prevent the user accidentally saving the file to the actual folder, which will override the entire original file all future updates of the file to the bundled package.

What you should do with preferences files is to save overrides in a pendant in the User package, which is a special package in that it will not override the entire file but just the settings provided.

What are Mac System Preferences, and How Do I Fix Them?

If you do not want this file to be saved, then don't save it. Throwing an error to the user and saying - "this is expected behavior" is confusing. If I see an error message right from the start, makes me think there are more to follow. In fact some people discouraged me from using ST3 and suggested to stick to ST2 because of this.

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  6. How to Hide and Remove System Preference Panes in macOS?
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I opened a different issue: But this is an expected behavior on UNIX-like systems. Most applications have a default global configuration file, which is read-only and can only be edited by admin.

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Then each user has it's own config file located in his home directory, where he can override some setting. But is ST3 you seems to have all files in the user home directory. On multi-user systems this is very convenient because if some organization has specific guidelines, an admin can modify the global file to enforce the policy.

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Had to search a bit till I found the User Preference file as there is no entry in the Preferences menu. I have giant 4 space tabs now, I want little 2 space tabs to make more room for code. Please help!!